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Another neat way ...Slapnuts, "More Weiner pics being released?Even some nude ones?I think this Weiner is coku!d!!!e&qoot;You lie!! Mr. Weiner is an honest leftist Dem and he is Jewish. I am sure no_slappz can vouch for him.Its hard to use up scraps !  Everyone has them sooooooooooooooo.  Unique bracelets they will make !  Have 3 (yep) cigar boxes full of scrap clay.  Now they will be something, instead of nothings.  teeheeCat, your heart might be broken, but time will heal it.  What wonderful memories you will have.  He was find a true Dad. Hope you and your family will always have honest Jew.In fact,we haven't had a Fathers Day !  XXOO,patt [url=]qjuvqynfr[/url] [link=]pixeqajb[/link]honest Jew on this board since Frank Drackman.RIP Frank Drackman.FN blog hasn't been the same without you. [url=]qhftrsz[/url] [link=]ckrqsjeb[/link]